Martha Giannakopoulou Architect (Urban Design) / Urban Consultant Athens Municipality

Martha Giannakopoulou graduated from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London in 2001 with a scholarship and was awarded the The William Glover Award.  In 2003 until present co- founded IF-[ untitled ] architects,
a London-Athens based architectural studio and completed a diverse range of projects from small scale housing projects to large scale developments and urban strategies in international locations such as London, Zambia, India, Beirut and more.
In parallel to that she has been urban researcher on sustainability issues with the Cooper Union University in New York as part of a fulbright grant, a consultant for social integration and urban development at the Municipality of Athens and realized projects such as Synathina, Urbact/Refill and POLIS 2 and a consultant to CRS (Catholic Relief Services) urban accommodation strategies for refugees. In addition to that she has collaborated with many citizens group, universities, ngos and non-profit organizations delivering participatory projects and initiatives on city-making, social activation and sustainability such as the Traces of Commerce in Athens, the Grin on / Grid off Idea at the New York City Festival, the Science Festival in New York and the Reactivate Athens etc and is a visiting critic to numerous universities such as London Met, East London, Architectural Association Cooper Union, Columbia etc.

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