Kuba Wygnański President of Board,Unit for Shipyard – Centre for Social Innovation and Research

Jan Jakub (Kuba) Wygnanski is sociologist by training. He started his public activity as Solidarity activist in Poland. He was participating in historical Round Table talks. After 1989, he became deeply involved in numerous initiatives aiming to support civil society in Poland and other countries. In 2003 he was Yale University – World Fellow. He has started several NGOs including KLON/JAWOR Association (main support, research and information center for Polish non-profit center http://www.ngo.pl) and Forum of Nongovernmental Initiatives (FIP) which plays a key role as representative of Polish Third Sector. Kuba was initiator and coordinator of a multi-year systemic project of Polish Model of Social Economy. For over 25 years Kuba is deeply involved in the research field of the non-profit sector in Poland. For several years, Kuba was a Board Member of Civicus (Global Alliance for Citizens Participation). Since 2018 he is Senior Ashoka Fellow. Currently, Kuba is a President of Unit for Social Innovation and Research SHIPYARD

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