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Agnes Hubert   President, G5+

Agnes Hubert is an experienced policy maker and a recognised author on EU gender equality policy and Social innovation in the EU. She is currently associate researcher with PRESAGE (Programme de Recherches et d’Enseignements des Savoirs sur le Genre) Science Po/OFCE Paris , visiting professor at the College of Europe in Bruges , founding member and president of the first European feminist think tank, and associate member of the international and European commission of the Haut Conseil de l’Egalité. Economist by training she was a journalist before joining the European Commission where she heldd senior advising functions dealing with social innovation, contributing to raise the issue at the highest levels in European institutions. She has written books (L’Europe et les femmes, identités en mouvement 1998 ; democracy and information society in Europe 1997 and two major policy documents on Social innovation for the European Commission : “Empowering people, driving change: Social innovation in the European Union” 2010 and “Social innovation a decade of changes” 2014, and numerous academic articles and contributions in the fields of her expertise.

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